from a dream to reality...       

Luna Organic Beauty Boutique is the making of over Twenty years of work and vision.  Sam started out in the beauty industry with a diploma in beauty therapy, full of dreams to own her own beauty salon or spa.

Whilst on work experience at Cardiff's first 5 star hotel & spa Sam was offered her first beauty therapist position, from there Sam travelled to Sydney Australia working in a luxurious city hotel spa on return to the UK over 2 years later unsure of what the future held, Sam worked in a beauty salon before joining Jego salons here Sam set-up Total Beauty.  

Along with working full time and running a busy beauty business Sam's passion for spa and holistic therapies continued.  

With a thirst for further knowledge Sam trained as a reflexologist and reiki master this was the beginning of Sam's spiritual journey in search of a balanced lifestyle to heal the pains of the past and well being battles of the present, the light within were ignited.  As a child although a very happy child with a wonderful loving family Sam were overweight and suffering with asthma, eczema and migraines. Sam's mum Kay searched for the cause after seeing a consultant they found Sam were highly allergic to everything they tested for.  At age 10 Sam lost her dad to motor neurone disease she stored the pain for many years until finding reiki healing.  As an overweight teenager Sam took an interest in diet, health and beauty losing the excess weight by healthy eating and exercise. The asthma attacks and migraines stopped however the eczema still flared from time to time. When Sam joined the beauty & spa industry although very much enjoying the spa training and providing luxuruious spa treatments many of the products would cause skin sensitivity. Sam found it frustrating but gained much product knowledge with a greater understanding of the skin including her own, this would become invaluable to Sam later in her skincare journey when making her own products.

A new found love of the healing world brought the best out in Sam looking within herself gave balance to her life which was needed after burning the candle at both ends for many years.  Between 2002 - 2013 Sam suffered with pneumonia, vertigo, advanced pre-cancerous cells and recurrent miscarriages, the bouts of eczema and allergic reactions came and went.  Being healed spiritually and mentally wasn't enough Sam realised she needed to change her approach to the way she lived day to day by taking care of her physical body.  A private allergy test gave Sam knowledge of all the foods she were allergic to this cleared the bouts of eczema, lethargy and reactions.  By making the organic dietary and wellness changes needed, following a reduced pace of life and looking within, brought an awareness of the damaging effects our environment can have.  

Naturally Sam became drawn to skincare products of an organic nature avoiding artificial perfumes and harmful ingredients believing all we need is within mother earth, wanting raw pure products Sam began to research.  

On a trekking trip to Morocco Sam found Argan oil, any spare travel time was spent visiting hammams, sampling natural products and making contacts.  

This were the birth of Luna Organic Skincare, Sam fell in love with the effects of argan oil, wanting to source the best argan oil available, visiting suppliers in Morocco and building relationships led to finding an organic eco-certified argan oil which became Luna Organic Skincare's first product.  Sam began using Luna organic argan oil daily on herself, family and friends finding the results outstanding.

Within 12 months of living a purer lifestyle Sam became pregnant sucessfully giving birth to a bouncing baby boy. Whilst on maternity Sam had time to reflect on her career and future, she had a calling to move into her own premises where her experience as a spa therapist, running her own business at Total Beauty, the lifestyle practice of natural well being and a new organic skincare brand could be as one, from a dream to reality Luna Organic Beauty Boutique is Born.  

Luna Organic Beauty Boutique offers an eco-friendly luxurious sanctuary where the beauty experience does not have to come at the price of our health or environment.  Ethical principles combined with luxurious organic products and treatments provide a sustainable beauty and holistic haven while protecting the world we live in.






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